Marketing Your Music Is Tough

I love SoundCloud – if you ask me its almost like a YouTube for audio – its a great place for musicians and other aspiring sound makers – like podcasters – to show off their talents. I’m a big proponent of the long tail – all of those indie publishers with great music never used to have a platform in order to present and show off what they can do.

For the longest time, its been tough for those with any kind of talent and ability to be able to somehow show off that talent and ability beyond their local community. The record labels and others in the music industry had a complete lock on what they thought was good – and you had to conform to those standards in order for your music to get heard. It was a long, painful, expensive, arduous process, and very few artists “made it”.

That’s where services like soundcloud promotion service come in very handy – they’ve built a network of 30+ music sites which they can embed your players and promote your music – sure its for a fee, but when you’re cranking hard to put out a great product, you may not have time left over for promotion.

Ever since the advent of the web, which allowed for the easy distribution of any kind of content, and the development of easy to use sound making tools, there’s been a huge explosion of awesome music. Even those unable to pick up a real musical instrument can create amazing music – which is very cool – anything which helps anyone unearth and present their talents is great.

Unfortunately, the same thing is happening in this space as many others – when you are a first mover, or a big fish in a small pond, you can get successful fast. This is what happened in the early days of all of these sites. Since then they’ve have exploded with so much content that its difficult to stand out among the crowd.