Fuji Finepix 1400 User Review Review

Submitted by: BendSinister09@hotmail.com

Length of Ownership: 1 week

This is the first digital camera that I’ve purchased, and I am very pleased with it. It comes with most of the features that any novice would want, yet it still quite easy to use. It didn’t even take me an hour to become familiar with it. Also, because it supports USB, you can transfer your pictures into you computer in a second or two.

The picture quality isn’t going to knock your socks off, but it’s fair. In addition, this was one of the only entry level digicams that I found which had an optical zoom. Unfortunately, the camera only comes with a 4MB card. At the highest resolution, it can only store about 12 pictures. I recommend buying an 8MB or 16MB card. Overall, this is a great, affordable entry level camera.


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