Cropping Images Review

Cropping an image means to cut out a section of the image which in turn reduces the resolution of the image. Rather than reducing the resolution of the whole image, a section of the image is instead cut, or cropped, and a new, smaller image that is focused on a certain area of the image is created. One advantage of having a camera with 2 or 3 million pixels is that because the image is larger to begin with (a higher resolution), it is possible to crop a section of the image and still retain enough resolution to allow the image to be used and even printed. Some digital cameras have what is known as digital zoom. Digital zoom is essentially another name for cropping the image and the same basic process is used.Starting with a much higher resolution original image allowed me to crop the interesting part of this picture while avoiding the power lines and the underexposed sections on the image. The brightness and contrast of the image has also been increased slightly.