Casio QV 3000 User Feedback Review

Submitted by Bill Dennis

I bought the version packaged with the IBM Microdrive, after considering the Nikon and Olympus 3.34 MP offerings. The big difference is the storage. I like high resolution – if I’m going to take any pictures to keep, I want the detail. When you crank up some of these cameras, depending on how much you spend on media, you may be able to save 15-30 shots at fine resolution. With this microdrive, I turned it on and saw the number 245. Yeah, that’s right. A full wedding or weekend at the beach, shooting till your finger gets tired of pushing the button – at the hi res (fine) setting. 340 MB online, ready to go.
You can use it as a point and shoot – color is outstanding and right on the mark. Disappointments – the lens isn’t threaded – I’d like to protect that glass with a filter, not to mention add effects. Also, although they advertise that it now comes with a power adapter, mine didn’t come with one. Maybe I got an early version. I don’t think I should have had to s! hell out $40 more buying a $1000 camera. And if you’re moving the zoom lens while spinning the drive while looking at the TFT on the back, it DOES power through some batteries! But those are minor gripes – the camera feels solid, the pictures are fantastic!

Submitted by A.Francois

A great all round camera. See URL A peronal review and samples of the Casio QV3000ex 3.34 megapixel digital still camera.    

Submitted by Alan Martin

My wife and I spent several months researching the various digital cameras available on the market before deciding on this excellent camera. Each model we researched always left us cold in one area…storage space. That is, until we checked out the QV3000EX.
The included 340MB Microdrive is a picture storage dream. Even at the highest resolution setting possible, you are able to take 245 shots! Take the resolution down to 1024 X 768 with the fine setting (350kb images) and it gives you a whopping 943 shots. Put this baby on 1024 X 768 at the Economy setting (150kb images) and you can store an amazing 2054 images.