Casio QV 3000 Review

The Casio QV-3000 Plus digital camera has one main advantage over other 3 Mega Pixel cameras. It comes equipped with a high capacity 340 MegaBtye IBM Microdrive. This allows for the storage of potentially hundreds of images using just one Micro Drive card. Compared with the standard 8 or 16 MegaByte memory cards shipped with other 3 Mega Pixel cameras the 340 MegaByte IBM microdrive that comes with this camera can store many times more images.

The QV3000 also features a 33 – 100mm (3X) Canon Zoom lens with macro mode. The macro mode has a minimum focal focusing distance of just 6cm.

The camera features USB and Serial Port support for downloading images from the camera to the computer. With the capacity of the IBM micro drive and the ability to store several hundred images (340 Meg of data) the USB port is essential.

Additional features including a movie record mode, aperture and shutter priority modes and manual focus make the Casio QV 3000 a real contender in the 3 Mega Pixel market.


IBM Microdrive – allows hundreds of images to be stored
Allows manual control of camera