CanonS100 User Feedback Review

Submitted by Mike Griffin

This camera is VERY small and is capale of capturing BEAUTIFUL images. I will keep this short. I am a Proffessional Photographer and if I want to do SERIOUS PROFESSIONAL work I will use my HIGH END ($5000) camera…but if am going for a bike ride, hike, paintball…whatever…this ELPH is so small you can literally take it ANYWHERE and it will not be a hassel. My ELPH is like my walet, I never leave home without it.

Submitted by John S
Length of Ownership: 6 Months
I love this camera. It is my first Digital camera so I can’t compare it to any others but I bought this camera to travel with. I can easily and safely store this camera in a pocket of my ski jacket or in shirt pocket. Because of this I take it everywhere. I am impressed by the image quality and love the B&W images.

A must buy is a spare battery and more Media. I use a 64 MB card for a week long ski trip in the Swiss Alps. I still had capacity for about 20 more images.

John S

Submitted By Todd Huish
Length of Ownership: 6 months
Mainreview: I had wanted a digital camera for a long time but I refused to get one under 2.1Mpixels. After countless days of research I finally settled on the Canon Powershot S100. Finally the prices on the S100 came down and I got one. Once purchased I never looked back. Of course the picture quality is great, otherwise I wouldn’t have spent the cash, but there are some other advantages that I can talk about now that I have used it for some time.

1) The Size – This is the smallest 2.1Mpixel camera around. I knew it was small before I got it but the S100 can just about hide behind a credit card. It is really tiny. Before I bought this I had used the Sony MVC 73 and the Nikon CP880 and those are some bulky cameras. I take this camera everywhere and it is never a problem. In its case on my belt it looks like a beeper or cellphone. I always have a camera right when I want one and that is something that is impossible to put a price on. Someday I might buy a bigger, better camera for planned photos like a studio or nature shots, whatever, but I will always have this one for those unexpected photo events.

2) The durability – The metal case and ruggedness of the camera has really impressed me. I have dropped it a couple times, and knocked it against door frames countless times when I forget it is on my belt and it just keeps on going. All I have to show for this abuse is a couple dents in the body.

A suggestion I have, should you get this camera is get an extra battery and another flash card. The extra battery has saved my butt many times when I forgot to charge it and ran out of juice right in the middle of something. It comes with an 8 MB card but this is hardly enough. I bought a 64MB card and take all my pictures in the Large/Fine mode. Over 100 photos can fit on this card in this mode. I did a whole bank of tests between the Large/Fine and Large/Superfine modes and I could not distinguish between them in any of my tests, closeups, mountain vistas, inside, outside, bright lights, dim lights, everything. The only difference I can see is that the superfine is 3 times the size of a fine picture.

As for price, I bought the camera kit, case, 64MB flash, and extra battery for $550 plus shipping. This may seem a bit steep for something that looks point-an-shoot but the pictures are excellent and like I said, it is hard to put a price on how convenient it is. I consider is money well spent.Submitted by: Dan Schuessler
Length of Ownership: 10 days

I purchased this camera and owned it for 10 days. Indeed it is very small, robust and took great outdoor daytime pictures. It was a lot of fun. I did eventually return it and exchanged it for an Olympus 3040. My reason for this is due to its lack of low light capability.Outdoors daytime the camera performed great. But, indoors in a full bright office, it would give a yellow tint to everything. Indoors standard lighting with flash gave dark results and little detail.It broke my heart to have to give it up; I really liked it. But now I’m in love with my Olympus 3040. See my review of the Olympus 3040.