Canon Powershot S110 Product Feedback Review

Submitted by: Van

Length of Ownership: 2 Months

This has been a great camera, the first that I have actually owned (tired of borrowing others). I have used the Sony Mavica line extensively and this is not quite as easy to use, and there is no control over shutter speed but it takes excellent pics and fits in just about any pocket.

The only negative is I purchased from Harmony and have been waiting 2 months for the waterproof case so I can actually take it somewhere without concern over the weather or terrain. For it’s size and output quality it just cannot be beat!Submitted by: Rod Rhoads –

Length of Ownership:1 Week

This is a totally cool very very small but heavily built wonder camera. I was totally impressed by the sharpness of the images. Because of the small size I am somewhat more concerned over the possibility of dropping it or banging it against something while using it. Also, because of the small size and my big hands, I find that the confusing control array is hard to learn but I am slowly mastering it.
The 8mb card is not much- only able to get 9 shots on it at high resolution. Get a 64mb at least. Also get a flash card reader so you don’t have to hook camera up to computer.
I have always been a Canon fan and this one (my first digital) is definitely up to their high standards.Buy it!