Canon Powershot Pro 90 Review

The Canon Power Shot Pro 90 is a major update to the older, unique Power Shot Pro 70 digital camera.. The Pro 90 proves that there is more to a digital camera than just raw pixels. The old Pro 70 had its good and bad points, on one hand it produced great images and had a nice swivel LCD display, used the Speedlight EX series flashes and could even accommodate two CF memory cards. On the other hand it was a frustratingly slow camera to use and had a relatively small 1.5 Mega Pixel CCD. The new Pro 90 leaves the bad points of the Pro 70 behind and extends on, and ads to the good points.

The camera has a powerful 10X zoom lens ( 37 – 370mm equiv.) and a 2.6 Mega Pixel CCD (1856 x 1392 screen resolution), which puts it in competition with the 2.1 Mega Pixel Olympus C2100 Ultra Zoom camera, also featuring a 10X optical zoom lens. Like the C2100 the Pro 90 uses a LCD display within the ‘optical’ viewfinder. This allows you to view the camera’s status while looking through the viewfinder. Also the image that is displayed through the viewfinder is exactly what the camera sees through its lens, just like a 35mm SLR camera. A swivel LCD display is also featured, giving the flexibility of unique shooting angles.

One great new feature with this camera is the image stabilization system, which helps to stop images blurring in low light conditions where a slow shutter speed is selected and when using the full range of the zoom lens. In some situations the image stabilization system can allow images to be captured that would normally require a tripod or some other kind of platform to keep the camera still.

The camera sports all of the now standard features of top end consumer digital cameras, like aperture and shutter priority modes and full manual modes. ISO is adjustable from a very low 50 – 400.

As with the Canon Pro 70 and G1 cameras, the Pro 90 can make full use of the excellent Speedlight EX series flashes, further extending its excellent low light abilities. It is good to see that an inbuilt flash is also provided, something that the Pro 70 lacked. It is also good to see that the camera comes with a high capacity rechargeable Lithium Ion battery and charger, plus a hefty 16 Meg Compact Flash memory card.

The camera can record JPEG and RAW (uncompressed) images, plus has a movie record mode which seems to be limited in record time only by the size of memory media used. Another big plus for many is that the Pro 90 is compatible with the IBM Microdrive, giving it the potential to store a huge 1 Gigabyte of image data.

The camera uses the fast USB port to transfer images from the camera to the computer, however no Serial Port support is available for those who don’t have a usable USB port in their computers.  A very handy remote control unit is also shipped with the camera.


Swivel LCD viewfinder
Includes Rechargeable Long-life InfoLithium battery & charger
10X Zoom Lens
IBM MicroDrive Compatible


No Serial Port Support
Hefty price tag