Marketing Your Music Is Tough

I love SoundCloud – if you ask me its almost like a YouTube for audio – its a great place for musicians and other aspiring sound makers – like podcasters – to show off their talents. I’m a big proponent of the long tail – all of those indie publishers with great music never used to have a platform in order to present and show off what they can do.

For the longest time, its been tough for those with any kind of talent and ability to be able to somehow show off that talent and ability beyond their local community. The record labels and others in the music industry had a complete lock on what they thought was good – and you had to conform to those standards in order for your music to get heard. It was a long, painful, expensive, arduous process, and very few artists “made it”.

That’s where services like soundcloud promotion service come in very handy – they’ve built a network of 30+ music sites which they can embed your players and promote your music – sure its for a fee, but when you’re cranking hard to put out a great product, you may not have time left over for promotion.

Ever since the advent of the web, which allowed for the easy distribution of any kind of content, and the development of easy to use sound making tools, there’s been a huge explosion of awesome music. Even those unable to pick up a real musical instrument can create amazing music – which is very cool – anything which helps anyone unearth and present

Canon Powershot Pro 90 Review

The Canon Power Shot Pro 90 is a major update to the older, unique Power Shot Pro 70 digital camera.. The Pro 90 proves that there is more to a digital camera than just raw pixels. The old Pro 70 had its good and bad points, on one hand it produced great images and had a nice swivel LCD display, used the Speedlight EX series flashes and could even accommodate two CF memory cards. On the other hand it was a frustratingly slow camera to use and had a relatively small 1.5 Mega Pixel CCD. The new Pro 90 leaves the bad points of the Pro 70 behind and extends on, and ads to the good points.

The camera has a powerful 10X zoom lens ( 37 – 370mm equiv.) and a 2.6 Mega Pixel CCD (1856 x 1392 screen resolution), which puts it in competition with the 2.1 Mega Pixel Olympus C2100 Ultra Zoom camera, also featuring a 10X optical zoom lens. Like the C2100 the Pro 90 uses a LCD display within the ‘optical’ viewfinder. This allows you to view the camera’s status while looking through the viewfinder. Also the image that is displayed through the viewfinder is exactly what the camera sees through its lens, just like a 35mm SLR camera. A swivel LCD display is also featured, giving the flexibility of unique shooting angles.

One great new feature with this camera is the image stabilization system, which helps to stop images blurring in low light conditions where a slow shutter speed is selected and when using the full range of the zoom lens. In some situations

Canon Powershot S100 Review

The Canon Powershot S100 “Elph” camera, is the most compact digital camera that Canon has produced and one of the smallest ‘Mega Pixel’ digital cameras on the market. Inside the stainless steel body is a 2.1 Mega Pixel CCD which can produce image sizes large enough to print 8 x 10inch photographic prints.

A 2x low distortion optical zoom lens is provided. The automatic focus system features light assisted focusing which allows it to focus even in very low light situations. With built in automatic flash the S100 is a great point and shoot camera.

Movie recording ability is not available on the Canon S100, and although a high speed USB interface is provided for downloading images quickly from the camera to a computer, no serial port support available for those who don’t have access to a USB connection.

The camera uses Compact Flash memory fully compatible with both Mac and PC platforms.


Ultra Compact Size
High Speed USB interface


Not many advanced features
No Serial Port Support

Canon Powershot S110 Review

The Canon Powershot S110 is the new and updated version of the S100, which has the reputation of being one of the most compact digital cameras in the consumer range.

The new S110 keeps the small proportions of the S100 (roughly the height and width of a credit card) and also gains some new features and upgrades. The cameras internal processing system has been enhanced to increase the speed of image processing, meaning less delay time from one shot to the next when taking several images in a row.

The S110 has the ability to record movies with audio in 30 second bursts. It is possible to record in resolutions up to 640 x 480, which is fairly impressive for any digital camera. Most digital cameras have a maximum movie recording resolution of 320 x 240. Even more impressive is the frame rate of 20 frames per seconds, again higher than most digital cameras. With an optional 128 Megabyte memory card it is possible to store a total of 113 seconds of high resolution (640 x 400) video with audio, which is around three or four 30 second bursts of recording. Although the movie record features are very impressive in comparison to other digital cameras, the quality of the video and the limit of recording in 30 second burst means that a DV Camera or Camcorder will produce much better results for video recording.

The camera uses a 2X multiplication zoom lens with a range of 35 – 70mm (35 mm equivalent). A macro function is also featured which allows you to get as close as 10cm from a subject.

Canon Powershot S110 Product Feedback Review

Submitted by: Van

Length of Ownership: 2 Months

This has been a great camera, the first that I have actually owned (tired of borrowing others). I have used the Sony Mavica line extensively and this is not quite as easy to use, and there is no control over shutter speed but it takes excellent pics and fits in just about any pocket.

The only negative is I purchased from Harmony and have been waiting 2 months for the waterproof case so I can actually take it somewhere without concern over the weather or terrain. For it’s size and output quality it just cannot be beat!Submitted by: Rod Rhoads –

Length of Ownership:1 Week

This is a totally cool very very small but heavily built wonder camera. I was totally impressed by the sharpness of the images. Because of the small size I am somewhat more concerned over the possibility of dropping it or banging it against something while using it. Also, because of the small size and my big hands, I find that the confusing control array is hard to learn but I am slowly mastering it.
The 8mb card is not much- only able to get 9 shots on it at high resolution. Get a 64mb at least. Also get a flash card reader so you don’t have to hook camera up to computer.
I have always been a Canon fan and this one (my first digital) is definitely up to their high standards.Buy it!

Canon Powershot S20 Review

The Canon PowerShot S20 is one of the smallest 3.3-megapixel digital cameras in its class. Its half-inch 3.34-megapixel charge-coupled device (CCD) creates full-color and B&W; high-resolution images up to 2,048 x 1,436 pixels. It offers a 2x optical zoom lens and a range of shooting modes. The zoom can be enhanced at the touch of a button with a digital teleconverter (2x/4x) for seamless zooming up to 8x.

The PowerShot S20 features an extremely compact design that is only 4.1 inches long, 2.7 inches high, and 1.3 inches wide. In addition, the PowerShot S20 weighs just 9.5 ounces. Despite its small size, this camera features large easy-to-control buttons. You can take one digital picture after another. With IC signal processing, the camera speeds up the interval between shots to 2 seconds. It also stores and plays back images eight times faster than previous digital cameras. It has complete USB compatibility. Cables are supplied for transferring images to your Mac or PC with either a serial or USB port. You can record at three levels of JPEG compression: superfine, fine, and normal. The camera is compatible with JFIF and CIFF file formats. The centrally located mode dial makes perfect shots easy. It offers five shooting modes–auto, manual, image (landscape, night scene, B&W;, slow shutter, and high-speed shutter), stitch assist, and flash. With these modes you have the flexibility to get great shots at any time of day and in any kind of weather. The PowerShot S20 also offers red-eye reduction, a self-timer, and continuous shooting.

The Canon S20 uses CompactFlash type I and II memory cards and also supports IBM’s 340

Canon S20 User Feedback Review

Name: John Miller

I used to use my Canon EOS Elan, but since I bought this S20 I am absolutly amazed at what it can do. I am especially impressed with the stitch ability. I took 3 shots of a panorama from Half Dome in Yosemite and when I asked the software to merge them it was like watching drops of murcury blend together. I bought the epson panoramic paper and printed out a photo 22″ by 8″. It is compact and easy to carry so I always have it in its little case on the side of my belt. It would be nice to have a more powerful zoom, but the 2 x zoom looks like much more when I crop and doctor it in Photoshop 5.5. I am seriously looking forward to seeing the new Canon 3.3 SLR coming out soon. I have invested a lot in lenses for my 35 mm Canon and if these lenses will fit the new SLR I will have one. John

Submitted by: Paul Knox

I have now been using the Canon S20 for 1 week, this camera is a real gem!! I cant think of many bad things to say about it. My friend had purchased an S10 which I liked very much, I did plenty of research before buying the S20 and decided that if offered one of the best pictures that I had seen, it was one of the smallest bodies ( The Ixus being too small for my large hands ) and didn’t over complicate on controls.

A lot of people like the manual aspects of the higher

CanonS100 User Feedback Review

Submitted by Mike Griffin

This camera is VERY small and is capale of capturing BEAUTIFUL images. I will keep this short. I am a Proffessional Photographer and if I want to do SERIOUS PROFESSIONAL work I will use my HIGH END ($5000) camera…but if am going for a bike ride, hike, paintball…whatever…this ELPH is so small you can literally take it ANYWHERE and it will not be a hassel. My ELPH is like my walet, I never leave home without it.

Submitted by John S
Length of Ownership: 6 Months
I love this camera. It is my first Digital camera so I can’t compare it to any others but I bought this camera to travel with. I can easily and safely store this camera in a pocket of my ski jacket or in shirt pocket. Because of this I take it everywhere. I am impressed by the image quality and love the B&W images.

A must buy is a spare battery and more Media. I use a 64 MB card for a week long ski trip in the Swiss Alps. I still had capacity for about 20 more images.

John S

Submitted By Todd Huish
Length of Ownership: 6 months
Mainreview: I had wanted a digital camera for a long time but I refused to get one under 2.1Mpixels. After countless days of research I finally settled on the Canon Powershot S100. Finally the prices on the S100 came down and I got one. Once purchased I never looked back. Of course the picture quality is great, otherwise I wouldn’t have spent the cash, but there are some other advantages

Casio QV 3000 Review

The Casio QV-3000 Plus digital camera has one main advantage over other 3 Mega Pixel cameras. It comes equipped with a high capacity 340 MegaBtye IBM Microdrive. This allows for the storage of potentially hundreds of images using just one Micro Drive card. Compared with the standard 8 or 16 MegaByte memory cards shipped with other 3 Mega Pixel cameras the 340 MegaByte IBM microdrive that comes with this camera can store many times more images.

The QV3000 also features a 33 – 100mm (3X) Canon Zoom lens with macro mode. The macro mode has a minimum focal focusing distance of just 6cm.

The camera features USB and Serial Port support for downloading images from the camera to the computer. With the capacity of the IBM micro drive and the ability to store several hundred images (340 Meg of data) the USB port is essential.

Additional features including a movie record mode, aperture and shutter priority modes and manual focus make the Casio QV 3000 a real contender in the 3 Mega Pixel market.


IBM Microdrive – allows hundreds of images to be stored
Allows manual control of camera


Casio QV 3000 User Feedback Review

Submitted by Bill Dennis

I bought the version packaged with the IBM Microdrive, after considering the Nikon and Olympus 3.34 MP offerings. The big difference is the storage. I like high resolution – if I’m going to take any pictures to keep, I want the detail. When you crank up some of these cameras, depending on how much you spend on media, you may be able to save 15-30 shots at fine resolution. With this microdrive, I turned it on and saw the number 245. Yeah, that’s right. A full wedding or weekend at the beach, shooting till your finger gets tired of pushing the button – at the hi res (fine) setting. 340 MB online, ready to go.
You can use it as a point and shoot – color is outstanding and right on the mark. Disappointments – the lens isn’t threaded – I’d like to protect that glass with a filter, not to mention add effects. Also, although they advertise that it now comes with a power adapter, mine didn’t come with one. Maybe I got an early version. I don’t think I should have had to s! hell out $40 more buying a $1000 camera. And if you’re moving the zoom lens while spinning the drive while looking at the TFT on the back, it DOES power through some batteries! But those are minor gripes – the camera feels solid, the pictures are fantastic!

Submitted by A.Francois

A great all round camera. See URL A peronal review and samples of the Casio QV3000ex 3.34 megapixel digital still camera.    

Submitted by Alan Martin

My wife and I